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Vancouver United Methodist Church

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Our Mission

Transforming Lives: Our Mission to Serve and Inspire in Vancouver

Our Mission: Protecting Values, Empowering Youth, Uniting Vancouver and Zimbabweans in Vancouver. At the Vancouver United Methodist Church, we safeguard our values, nurture youth, and foster community. Our mission is to promote love, compassion, and justice, making a positive impact on individuals and families. Through engaging programs and mentorship, we empower youth to become leaders who shape a brighter future. Together, we build a resilient, inclusive community guided by Christ's teachings.


Our Vision

Seeing a Bright Future: Our Vision for Vancouver United Methodist Church 

Welcome to the Vision of the Vancouver United Methodist Church. We are committed to preserving our values, empowering youth, and fostering community. Our vision is to uphold our beliefs while equipping the next generation to become confident leaders. By actively engaging with our community, we bridge gaps and extend support to those in need. Together, we build a stronger United Methodist Church and a brighter future for Vancouver.


Our Faith

Nurturing Faith: Our Journey of Worship and Belief at the Vancouver United Methodist Church

Our Faith: Protecting Values, Youth Building, Zimbabwe-Vancouver Connection. At the Zimbabwe United Methodist Church in Vancouver, our faith is foundational. We safeguard our values, nurture youth, and bridge Zimbabwe and Vancouver. Rooted in Christ's teachings, we embody love, compassion, and justice. Through worship, education, and outreach, we strengthen our faith and engage both Vancouver and Zimbabwean communities. Together, we unite in a shared journey of faith and service.

Our Events


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